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Albula Ski Tour - Switzerland - 6 Days

A beautiful less frequented ski tour, traversering from Bivio in the Upper Engadine down to Zernez in the Lower Engadine.

Additional potential for an excellent warm up day before the start of the actual tour with a day tour from Bivio.

Region: Engadine, Switzerland
Time of Year: Mid March - Mid May
Grading: Read about our grading classifications
Skiing Grade: 3
Fitness Grade: 2
Mountaineering Ability & Experience 1
Number of Days skiing: 6
Logistics: One Way Tour/Circuit: One way (return to start by train/bus)
Ratio of Guide to No. of Clients 1:6
Base Price: Please contact Zuba Ski for this seasons prices. Our pricing is per person based on the max guide to client ratio.
What does this include?

Itinerary Overview

Metres Ascent Metres Descent
Start Location:
Day 1
Bivio - Julier Pass - Fuorcla d'Agnel 2,984m - Piz Agnel 3,205m - Tschima da Flix 3,333m - Jenatsch Hut 2,652m  1,273m 541m
Accommodation: Jenatsch Hut 2,652m
Day 2
Jenatsch Hut 2,652m - Val Laviner - Fuorcla Laviner 3,060m - Piz Laviner 3,137m - Val Mulix - Nax - Preda - Rätische Bahn to Bergün 1,367m 485m 1,390m
Accommodation: Pension Accommodation in the village of Bergün
Day 3
Bergün 1,367m - Tschimas da Tisch 2,872m - Murtel da Lai - Fuorcla Pischa 2,871m - d'Es-cha Hut 2,562m 928m on skins
Accommodation: d'Es-cha Hut 2,562m
Day 4
d'Es-cha Hut 2,562m - Porta d'Es-cha 3,008m - Piz Lesch 3,417m - Kesch Hut 2,632m 877m 785m
Accommodation: Kesch Hut 2,632m
Day 5
Kesch Hut 2,632m - Alp Funtauna 2,192m - Piz Grialetsch 3,131m - Vallorgia pass 2,969m - Grialetsch Hut 2,542 939m 1,027m
Accommodation: Grialetsch Hut 2,542
Day 6
Grialetsch Hut 2,542 - Fuorcla Sarsura 2,923m - Piz Sarsura 3,178m - Val Sarsura - Zernez or Susch 810m 1,731m
Finish Location: Zernez Railway Station

This is the suggested itinerary, this programme could change depending on weather conditions prevailing at the time, the guide will have the final say in this matter.

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