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Bernese Oberland - Switzerland - 4 Days

A wonderful easy ski tour that can be arranged over a weekend making up a long weekend ski trip.  You will enjoy skiing amongst some of the 4000 metres classic mountains and enjoy ski descents down to the massive Oberland glaciers of Switzerland.

Region: Bernese Oberland – Switzerland
Time of Year: Mid March - End April
Grading: Read about our grading classifications
Skiing Grade: 2
Fitness Grade: 2
Mountaineering Ability & Experience 1
Number of Days: 4
Logistics: One Way Tour/Circuit: One way tour
Ratio of Guide to No. of Clients 1:6
Base Price: Please contact Zuba Ski for this seasons prices. Our pricing is per person based on the max guide to client ratio.
What does this include?

Itinerary Overview

Metres Ascent Metres Descent
Start Location: Grindelwald
Day 1
Jungfraujoch 3464m – Monchjoch 3627m – Konkordiaplatz 2750m – Grunhornlucke 3280 – Finsteraarhornhutte 3048 700m 1157m
Accommodation: Finsteraarhornhutte
Day 2
Finsteraarhornhutte – Wyssnollen 3590m – Grunhornlucke 3280m – konkordiahutte 2850 1050m 1160m
Accommodation: Konkordiahutte
Day 3
Konkordiahutte – Louwihorn 3676m – Grosser Aletschfirn 2950m – Hollandiahutte 3240m 1216m 700m
Accommodation: Hollandiahutte
Day 4
Hollandiahutte – Abeniflue 3962m – Hollandiahutte 3240m – Fafleralp 1787m 722m 2175m
Finish Location: Blatten

This is the suggested itinerary, this programme could change depending on weather conditions prevailing at the time, the guide will have the final say in this matter.

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