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Bernina High Level Tour - Switzerland - 6 Days

A tour for very experienced ski mountaineers. Over and above your normal classic touring ability, this tour requires good climbing techniques and perfect ski control to navigate the tremendous tormented glaciers of this area.

The labyrinth is one of the places that will stick in your memory for many years.

Region: Bernina Alps & Upper Engadine
Time of Year: April – mid may
Grading: Read about our grading classifications
Skiing Grade: 4
Fitness Grade: 4
Mountaineering Ability & Experience: 3
Number of Days skiing: 6
Logistics: One Way Tour / Circuit: Circuit
Ratio of Guide to No. of Clients 1:3
Base Price: Please contact Zuba Ski for this seasons prices. Our pricing is per person based on the max guide to client ratio.
What does this include?

Itinerary Overview

Metres Ascent Metres Descent
Start Location: Pontresina
Day 1
Pontresina – Roseg 2000m – Chamanna Coaz 2610m 610m  
Accommodation: Chamanna Coaz
Day 2
Chamanna Coaz – Piz Roseg 3913 – Chamanna Coaz 1303m 1303m
Accommodation: Chamanna Coaz
Day 3
Chamanna Coaz – I Gemelli 3501m – P. Sella 3511m – Rif. Marinelli 2813m 901m 698m
Accommodation: Rif. Marinelli
Day 4
Rif. Marinelli – Piz. Palù 3901m – Rif. Marco e Rosa 3597m 1188m 400m
Accommodation: Rif. Marco e Rosa 3597m
Day 5
Rif. Marco e Rosa 3597m – Bernina 4049m – Chamanna Boval 2495m 540 1650m
Accommodation: Chamanna Boval
Day 6
Chamanna Boval – Piz. Morteratsch 3751m – Chamanna Tschierva 2583m – Roseg 2000m 1256m 1751m
Finish Location: Pontresina

This is the suggested itinerary, this programme could change depending on weather conditions prevailing at the time, the guide will have the final say in this matter.

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