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Sustenhorn & Dammastock Ski Tour - Switzerland - 5 Days

This is a wonderful ski tour in a remote area of the Swiss alps.  You will stay in small and charming mountain huts.  The intricate areas and a couple of famous mountains are the guarantee of this itinerary.  The few climbing sections will be passed easily with the help of your mountain guide.  A lovely ski tour in a lesser skied area of the Swiss Alps.

Region: Canton Uri – Switzerland
Time of Year: Mid March - Mid April
Grading: Read about our grading classifications
Skiing Grade: 3
Fitness Grade: 3
Mountaineering Ability & Experience: 2
Number of Days skiing: 5
Logistics: One Way Tour/Circuit: Circuit
Ratio of Guide to No. of Clients 1:5
Base Price: Please contact Zuba Ski for this seasons prices. Our pricing is per person based on the max guide to client ratio.
What does this include?

Itinerary Overview

Metres Ascent Metres Descent
Start Location: Andermatt
Day 1
Andermatt – transfer to Wiggen in Goeschenental1318m - Voralphutte 2126m 808m  
Accommodation: Voralphutte
Day 2
Voralphutte – Sustenlimi 3089m – Sustenhorn 3503m – Tierberglihutte 2795m 1377m 808m
Accommodation: Tierberglihutte 2795 meters
Day 3
Tierberglihutte 2795m – Tierberglucke 2986m – Triftgletscher 1800m – Trifthutte 2520m 1130m 1390m
Accommodation: Trifthutte
Day 4
Trifthutte – Dammastock 3630m – Belvedere 2271m – Furkapass 2429m – Tiefenbach 2106m 1265m 1682m
Accommodation: Tiefenbach
Day 5
Tiefenbach – Winterlucke 2854m – Lochberg 3074m – Goeschneralpsee 1797m – Wiggen 1318m 968m 1756m
Finish Location: Andermatt

This is the suggesteditinerary, this programme could change dependingon weather conditionsprevailing at the time, the guide will have thefinal say in thismatter.

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