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Lyngen Alps Location

Troms County and the surrounding area

Well within the Arctic Circle, warmed by the gulf stream, facing the rage of the Atlantic, littered with countless islands, indented by fjords with a back drop of snowy mountain ranges and a crossing point of Sami, Finnish and Norwegian culture you find the county of Troms.  

Troms is a land of deep winter snow and offers incredible locations for Alpine style ski touring, ski mountaineering and cross country ski touring.  The Lyngen Alps and surrounding mountains offer a playground for wilderness skiing activities.

The map below shows you were you fly to and then the route of a typical week tour with 5 ascents of different peaks around the Lyngen Alps.

View Arctic Boat Skiing in a larger map

Norway has always been renowned as the land of fjords and this is not least the case in Arctic Norway, a wonderful natural environment where the sea and mountains come together.  The Troms region of northern Norway offers a paradise for connoisseurs of natural and traditional winter sporting activities such as off piste skiing, ski touring, dog sledding as well as lovers of the wild and natural environment.

In this region, at a latitude of between 69 and 70 degrees north, over 300 km inside the Arctic Circle and being closer to the North Pole than the country’s capital Oslo, there are also incredible natural phenomena to experience depending on the time of the year one visits – Northern Lights to Midnight Sun. Read more about the amazing light in the Polar North.

There is also a delightful mix of cultures, for it is here where Nordic, Sami and Kven cultures come together as well as the Norwegian seafaring and Arctic exploration traditions and history.

Sami Culture

The sami, an indigenous Arctic population.  The sami are the people with settlements in four countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.  It is estimated that between 50,000 and 100,000 samis live in these countries, with a good half of them in Norway.