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Steigen Location

In a quest to search out some of the most beautiful places to ski, Zuba Ski has from 2012 expanded the Arctic Boat Skiing to a new region.

Not frequented by anywhere near the numbers of people as has been seen in recent years in the Lyngen alps (although this is still very special indeed), we have partnered with local skipper and outdoor specialist Sture Ellingsen, to take small private groups to an area just south of the Lofoten islands called Steigen.

Very similar to Lyngen in many ways, Steigen offers numerous opportunities from where to sail and ski.  The different levels of terrain are numerous and whilst you do need to be an experienced off-piste skier and keen ski-tourer (the weather can always turn against you), there are ascents and decents which will suit most levels.

The region is more exposed to the west than in the Lyngen and therefore knowledge of the area is essential to ensure that you get the most out of the boat whilst at the same time the most out of the mountain. Sture along with the Zuba Ski mountain guide who will accompany you will be able to ensure you have a great time whatever conditions are thrown at you!

This has to be one of the most beautiful areas of the world with views stretching west over the Lofoten islands and north and south along the infamous Norwegian coastline. Ptarmigan, deer, arctic hare and other wildlife can be seen and later on in the season some of the most beautifully coloured heathers and brackens start to appear. Locals can be seen in their colourful coastal homes where the sight of a hottub on the waters edge is very tempting!

The whole experience is less developed than in its neighbour area of Lofoten and the opportunities to meet the local people, to discover new villages and to experience some of the local traditions are all there.  There was talk in one village of the annual parents and childrens race day, where they race cross country until they taste blood in their mouths! Even in villages of only a few hundred people, the competitive spirit is alive!

The logistics are a little different.  You will need to fly into the very small airport of Bodø from where we pick you up and take you to the small fishing harbour of Kjerringoy.  A night in the harbour is usually spent tasting local regional dishes at the nearby organic farm where the owners cultivate their own cheeses and brew their own beer!  The adventure starts from the arrival with the bearded Sture ensuring the Norwegian culture is in abundance.

The map shows the typical route that you might take from Bodø and up into the Nord fjord area.

Groups sizes can vary, but we would always recommend a small group 4/5 people plus Sture and the IUAGM Mountain Guide.  Contact us to discuss the possibilities in more detail.

About the skipper
Sture really is a classic Northern Norwegian skipper who has been out a sea it would seem sometimes for a very long time!  Having sailed in the Arctic for many years, and having even taken the long journey up to Sptizbergen, Sture knows the sea and has the ultimate respect for it.  He was brought up in this area and knows it like the back of his hand.  Little harbours, great climbs you would be forgiven for thinking that Sture would really like to be joining you on the climb up the mountain!

About the boat
The Lille Polaris is an Arctic going 46" yacht. It has a good double stern cabin, three berths in the bow cabin and then room for two in the main galley.  There is a closed cockpit for when/if the weather turns which makes for very safe and comfortable sailing.  There are two bathrooms, one shower and a great sound system for those journeys across the fjords.