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Nov 1, 2023
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Conscious about your environmental impact when going away on holiday then we have a few hotel options that are doing their part to keep their impact as low as possible!

Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel - Riva Valdobbia - Alagna Valsesia

The Mirtillo Rosso not only offers Christmas all year round, but they are also a member of Ospitalità Natura (Nature Hospitality), which promotes sustainable tourism.

Looking at how they are doing their part to be sustainable, the Mirtillo Rosso building, in Alagna, uses green construction. The entire structure is made of wood and insulated with cork. Any single-use objects that are used at the Mirtillo Rosso are biodegradable and instead of single use products in the rooms, you will find dispensers of certified sustainable products. There is also a water fountain which is free, in order to cut down the use of plastic bottles.

The Mirtillo Rosso contain heat loss by using high specification walls and glass, as well as technology which means the heating switches off if the windows are opened, and use heat recovery units. They are very wary of any waste produced by the restaurant and train their staff to be sure they separate rubbish carefully in order to manage compostable waste. The food waste they do produce gets recycled straight away as food for the pigs on their friend’s farm, Le Beline.

100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources. Their boiler, which heats the entire building and the pools, runs on pellets, a by-product of timber processing, as well as producing electricity from their photovoltaic panels. The hotel has an electric vehicle charge point, where the electricity is supplied from 100% renewable sources.

The Mirtillo Rosso Hotel really have thought of everything when acting on their sustainability. They use only local products, meaning they haven’t had to be shipped in, as well as using organic products.

Refuge Orestes Hütte - Monterosa

The Orestes Hütte, in Gressoney, has been built around maintaining a low environmental impact.

Their vegan and organic choice for the refuge is a big part of this effort to keep a low environmental impact. They decided to be a vegan refuge due to it being sustainable and creating the least amount of suffering. The reasons behind this choice include eco-sustainability reasons, due to the animal industry causing a massive waste of resources and contributing to pollution and deforestation, ethical and moral reasons, in order to create less suffering of animals, for health reasons and also for taste reasons, they use quality whole foods with passionate and creative chefs guaranteeing great results.

The Orestes Hütte use hot water in the in-floor heating and in the bathrooms from their solar panels, which are almost 70 square metres. They also produce their own electricity using a small hydroelectric power plant and use an electric composter for the organic waste which allows them to produce compost all year round.

They are very careful with their waste and make sure everything is separated into recycling groups before taking it down to the valley. In addition to this, to produce less waste, they provide mountain-spring water free of charge instead of selling plastic bottles. On the topic of plastic waste, all of their cleaning products and soaps provided in the bathrooms are also eco-friendly and their napkins and toilet paper are made from recycled paper.

The Orestes Hütte have also carefully considered every aspect when it comes to being as sustainable as they can to do their part for the environment.

Hotel Ellex - Eco Hotel - Staffal - Gressoney

Thought and consideration has gone into the making of this hotel, from the building, using natural materials and using cork as thermal and acoustic insulation, to a wooden roof with stone slate covering. To reduce consumption through the use of biomass and pellet heating and solar panels for hot water production. Using technology to prevent waste through the use of Led bulbs, automation of lighting and sensors for lighting in communal areas. A vegetarian breakfast and a preference for organic, local produce, as well as a reduction of plastics and incorporating more sustainable packaging. A full comprehensive list of all the ways in which this hotel is practising positive and sustainable methods can be found on their website.

Hotel Ellex is a ski to hotel, with comfortable rooms. It's alpine and characterful environment will make you feel at home instantly. With wellness and a great buffet breakfast and being so close to the lift system and piste, it has a lot to offer. You can stay here half board with a collaboration with a nearby restaurant or as a bed and breakfast.

So if you are looking to stay somewhere that is conscious of the environment and where you can also reduce the impact you are making, then one of these three options would be perfect for your trip to the mountains!

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