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Apr 1, 2023
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Let’s help you take full advantage of the time you have while your little ones get discounts on air fares, that’s if you’re flying.

If you’ve got the time, driving is also a great way to get to your destination. Make the travel part of the holiday. Try staying elsewhere on the way down, making one or two stops rather than making a mad dash for it and arriving completely frazzled!

We’ve been to these hotels with small children and highly recommend them all, for different reasons. There’s something here for everyone.

Our top tips are:

1. Speed

Slow down. It might feel overwhelming if you’re doing it for the first time. Our tip is to take it slowly, it’s not just you anymore, let everyone else rush around you. Just relax and allow the little ones to take it all in. The car, bus, train or plane may just be a means to an end for you but it’s all part of the experience for them!

2. Accommodation type

Each has their advantages, decide which is the best for you before you start searching. We’ve holidayed at both with the children and these are our thoughts:


  • No no one has to cook
  • Organised activities may be on offer
  • There’s usually a spa or wellness centre on site


  • More space - can feel like a home from home
  • Flexibility regarding meals


3. Baby carrier/pushchair/pram/sling/car seat

Which you take largely depends on the age of the child and the location but we think that a light, fold away pushchair is a good all rounder. Happy with most terrain, they also double up as a bed for afternoon naps. As well as that, you can take them on the plane (make sure to take advantage of every available pocket) and they’re really handy for the time you’re going to be spending hanging around in the airport. If you’re driving, they take up much less space than the full scale pram or transport system. If you’re driving, you’ll obviously need the car seat but if you’re flying we don’t think you’ll really need it.

4. Packing

Take full advantage of your carry ons if you’re flying: your nappy bag and your buggy. Make sure you’ve got EVERYTHING you could possibly need stowed in either your nappy bag or your buggy. Don’t forget you might be delayed, quite likely at the moment! So write a list of what you think you’re going to need at least a couple of weeks before you travel: baby wipes, nappies, snacks, change of clothes, nappy bags, toys, milk etc.

We recommend that you check with the airports you’re using regarding baby food and formula. Both Heathrow and Gatwick allow you to take enough baby food, prepared baby milk and expressed milk (up to 2 litres) for the journey. Anything else needs to be packed in your checked-in baggage. Most airports allow you to take more than 100ml but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can also use the Boots reserve and collect services offered at both Heathrow and Gatwick. Order your baby milk, food and anything else you need for travelling with your baby in advance (usually at least a week) and it will be ready for you to pick up after security. We’ve not used this service ourselves but it sounds good.

For more information, have a look at airport websites like these:

5. Planning

Try and plan everything around food and sleep! Make sure you book as early as possible. This way you can take advantage of early bird deals and make sure you have as many choices of flight times and seating options as possible.


Plan flights around nap times: as you know, sleep is golden and makes or breaks your day!


If you’re flying, take advantage of the deals: lots of restaurants airside offer ‘kids eat free’. Check out the airport websites for more information.

6. Write a list

Sounds onerous but it will save you so much time panicking about whether you’ve got everything or not. Now it’s children as well as you, the list isn’t as simple as ‘tickets, money, passports’! 

At least two weeks before your trip, write a list of everything you think you will need. Doing it this early leaves plenty of time for additions and last minute shopping.

It’s also useful to have a trip sheet with all the useful information about the trip: dates of travel, airline confirmation numbers, transfer details, hotel address and names of everyone in the party. Give a copy to everyone on the trip and a contact who is not travelling with you too.  

We’ve specifically designed our website to provide you with all the details you need to choose the right place for your trip.

Have a fantastic time, don’t forget to relax and please let us know how you get on.


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