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You can contact us at or by calling +44 1962 388 288

Ski Hire

The La Glisse ski hire is located at the main lift in Champoluc leading up to Crest.  Directly from within the store you can access the lift station so enabling you to pick up your kit on the way up the mountain.

Pre-advise us - reduce your waiting time and you may even get a discount!

To pre-advise the shop of your requirements, please click on this link to send us a specific email with the details required:

  • The names, dates of birth, weight and height of those needing equipment
  • The start and end dates for the rental

Please note that we do not take payment for the rental.  This is a pre-advise to help you to save time.  The shop may offer you a discount on your rental if you confirm you are travelling with Zuba Ski.  This is at the shops discretion.

The store is open from 7.30am through until 7.30pm every day during the season.

As a part of the Rent and Go chain of rental stores, La Glisse has good equipment for all standards of skier and snow boarder alike.  In addition there is a secure heated ski deposit area where you can leave your equipment overnight.

All the main brands are available, some of which are shown below:

Ski brands

Snowboard brands

Ski boot brands

There is also a fully automated ski servicing system in place which offers you immediate service for edges, washing and full service of your own equipment.  The staff are also available to fix blades, bindings, adjust skis.  You are in good hands.

Accommodation in Champoluc

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