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Ski Area Maps

The Gressoney ski area is for intermediate skiers and family groups. The slopes are very wide and long, and you can enjoy skiing in the bright Monte Rosa sunshine for the whole day. Continuing over to Champoluc never fails to please since artificle snow cannons all but guarantee good conditions.

On the Salati pass between Alagna and Gressoney, the views are breathtaking. Do you take the 3km of marked slopes down to Gressoney or ski off-piste back to Alagna. What a decision to have to make!

The alternative crossing and routes down to Gressoney from from Punta Indren have all the characteristics of off-piste runs: they are not marked and are outside the ski SOS service. Due care and consideration should be taken, and use of a guide is advisable.

Lower down the valley in Gressoney St Jean, you will find the Weissmatten slopes. After the success of the test of the Canadian Oyimpic ski team during the past Olympic games, in 2010 Weissmatten slopes hosted 2 races of the European Female Cup, 2 races of the World Military Games disputed in March and at the beginning of the 2011 season, they will host the European Female Cup (10th/11th December).

The Monterosa ski area offers a complete variety of ski and snowboarding conditions. A true Freeride Paradise.

The Monterosa Ski Area is shown below (click on the map to see a larger version - this is a pop up window):

Monterosa Ski area

The Gressoney Ski Area is shown below (click on the map to see a larger version - this is a pop up window):

Gressoney Ski area

Accommodation in Gressoney

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