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Ski Passes

General Tarifs for Ski Passes in the Val d'Anniviers region

These prices are for the 2014-15 Season...

(Chandolin/Saint-Luc - Grimentz - Zinal - Vercorin)

1. Annual passes "ANNIVIERS "

Valid in all the Val d'Anniviers, these passes are not transferable and a photo is required.

  Adults Seniors
(with ID)
Young person
17-25 yrs
6-16 yrs
Annual skier lift pass Fr 910.00 Fr 810.00 Fr 765.00 Fr 540.00
Walkers lift passes Winter Fr 250.00 Fr 230.00 Fr 220.00 Fr 150.00

There is a discount system in place for parents with children:
Reduction of 10% on the adult, young person (not earning) and children tarifs where the total group spend is more then Sfr 1950.-- Minimum 3 people

2. Consecutive Day Ski Passes

Valid in all the Val d'Anniviers, these passes are not transferable and a photo is required.

Adults Seniors Young persons Children
3 Fr.157.00 Fr.141.00 Fr.133.00 Fr.94.00
4 Fr.204.00 Fr.184.00 Fr.173.00 Fr.122.00
5 Fr.246.00 Fr.221.00 Fr.209.00 Fr.148.00
6 Fr.280.00 Fr.252.00 Fr.238.00 Fr.168.00
7 Fr.312.00 Fr.281.00 Fr.265.00 Fr.187.00
8 Fr.343.00 Fr.309.00 Fr.292.00 Fr.206.00
9 Fr.373.00 Fr.336.00 Fr.317.00 Fr.224.00
10 Fr.400.00 Fr.360.00 Fr.340.00 Fr.240.00
11 Fr.428.00 Fr.385.00 Fr.364.00 Fr.257.00
12 Fr.452.00 Fr.407.00 Fr.384.00 Fr.271.00
13 Fr.477.00 Fr.429.00 Fr.405.00 Fr.286.00
14 Fr.501.00 Fr.451.00 Fr.426.00 Fr.301.00

Family discount:
Each child or young person accompanied by an adult (parents or grand parents) benefits from a discount of 15% on the price of their pass.  Photo identity would need to be provided.

3. Day Ski Passes

The half day, 1 and 2 day ski passes give the owner the right to ski in the areas designated according to the tariff band.
The reductions are applicable only for adult, young person and children tarifs.

Adult Senior person Young person Children
½ day morning (until 13h00) Fr.47.00 Fr.42.00 Fr.40.00 Fr.28.00
From 11h00 Fr.52.00 Fr.47.00 Fr.44.00 Fr.31.00
From 12h00 Fr.47.00 Fr.42.00 Fr.40.00 Fr.28.00
From 13h00 Fr.43.00 Fr.39.00 Fr.37.00 Fr.26.00
Day rate Fr.56.00 Fr.50.00 Fr.48.00 Fr.34.00
2 Consecutive days Fr.106.00 Fr.95.00 Fr.90.00 Fr.64.00

Accommodation in Grimentz

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